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Angel's Ranch Rd (Rich Hill Area)


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Hey all.  I have been speaking with some people about the status of the Rich Hill area and more specifically, Angel's Ranch Rd.  (Not talking about the Decision Corner area)  By "status" I was just wondering if people have been to the Angel's Ranch Rd area lately and if the road is blocked off at any point or have had recent run - ins  with Angel?   I have been informed about the land history but am curious if things have cooled down or not or if fences are still being put up and roads blocked... etc.  Thanks!

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I spent four days last week in that area. Angel’s Ranch Road is open all the way up to the gate right at the ranch headquarters. I was working a couple of claims just west of there and saw Angel twice and he just waved.

The only other fence I saw crossing a road is on the road that cuts off of Angel’s Ranch Road to the south west a little before the big wash. It is where Angel has two sets of pens and a water tank. That gate was not locked and I went through it a couple of times.

I am not sure what was going on out there in the past, but all in all, everything seemed OK to me.    


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But I am guessing the gate at the east end of the road (going west to east) was closed.  I believe there is a water tank there on the north side.  Angel might not like you going past that gate.   Or maybe going past this gate is not big deal.  This is the gate I am leery of passing.  I do not know where ranch headquarters is at.  (past said gate and after the big wash?? or maybe up towards Octave??)  


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