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Meteoroid ID - Couldnt find anything like it anywhere

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Hi everyone,


I hope I'm posting this in the right section. Sorry if not.


I've had this one for years now. 

A friend of mine found three in a field in south west Germany. One I lost, the second one I gave to my nieces and this one, the largest, I kept.

I have asked many people already, including Geologists, people that spend a lot of time with crystals and I searched the internet. Found no answer of what this is or anything similar to this specific shape...

Please let me know if you have any insights or ideas.


Thank you!!




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36 minutes ago, billpeters said:

Totally cool rock. Totally not a meteorite.

Would like to know what it is.



what makes you think that it isn't one? the surface and colour matches that of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite for example - is it its shape, that makes you so sure? 

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Thanks everyone, for your replies. And yes, I have actually looked into all these things and more, still - my "rock" still seems to be very, very different in its specific shape from what you suggested- THAT's why I signed up here. I found nothing like it and the only thing that's close to its surface, color, etc... are some types of meteorites.

Will keep searching. Once again, Thank you!

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A simple non-destructive X-ray fluorescence test would settle the matter; most environmental testing labs would be able to perform the test. 

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