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GMT Concentric Coils

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Yea the Conical  field is good at that.  Deeper too but you have a smaller foot print with the field.  Did you find it more sensitive to small gold them the DD ?

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I bought the 6 x 10 concentric last year, at the urging of an Australian gold detectorist, but haven't used it yet. I did notice that in my backyard it was quite a bit noisier than the DD 6 x 10, but the Aussie said it was considerably more sensitive in the areas where it could used.....tripling the depth of the DD on really small gold.

I'm now considering the purchase of the new 6" round concentric Whites has for the GMT. Might be quieter, and thus usable in more places.


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I like the new 5.3 concentric on the GMT, but where it's REALLY hot is on the GM 2 I bought. On that 1 grain gold bar of mine, it's 30% better than the GMT in an air test. Still waiting out this hot weather to get out in the field.


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A buddy from the U.K. is sending me two concentric coils.  6 x 10 and the 8 x 14.  Keep hearing the 8 x 14 is a whopper to swing.


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