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Hi everyone.

Is there à time frame in posting new topics.am learning that now, am no looking for fame anyway am just excited like , but I really appreciate I gained àlot with the flexibility of this site on rules.

Does this rock look like the one seen by rovers on mars.

Pliz, for those who will quickly type terrestrial be careful coz the rock is stamped 0.333 or mm if you like, look keenly. Pliz



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I didn't complete the topic
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None of the pics of all of the rocks you've posted are even remotely similar to a meteorite. What objective analysis do you have that htis is a meteorite?



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You comment is also subjective, its an alkegation that I vehemently refute, I collect meteorite without a metel detector. 

So this one is no meteorite


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You can make a lot of money selling a martian on ebay, take it there.... :arrowheadsmiley:

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