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Giant Mouse Hunting in Montanna ?

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Here we go again with the Liberal Insanity in fill Thrust.   90 Kangaroo are being Released in the wilds of Montana.  Why ?  It seems they want to see how it works out.  I see Zero Benefits of this lunacy with one exception.   If they do breed it may take some heat off the Beef Cows from the Wolves they Released.  LOL



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Maybe they all will get a swift kick in the head by the kangaroos as they release them and come to their senses!!!

They also are considering if this is successful to release other Australia marsupials, maybe just maybe we could convince them to also release some Australian GOLD to breed and multiply!!!!  :fl: :idunno:

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We used to have in Kalifornia a very good and expensive dog food #1 ingredient was kangaroo meat for dogs with food allergies. Vet recommended worked great. Kalifornia environmentalists got it taken off the market by calling Kangaroos a endangered species.


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Alpo stew sure smelled Good !  LOL

Yep, there in short supply here in the U.S. for sure.  Emmmmm     I hear their a major Pain in the Rum down under.

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Hey folks, I was wondering if mouse hunting is a part of varmint hunting? Because I am very much interested in varmint hunting because of the hard tricks the animals in this game play. I have been looking into how to choose a riflescope for varmint hunting. Only the way it sounds keeps me impatient to get all I needed together and kick off for my 007 adventure - hahaha - though I will be waiting for your answers to my question. Thanks guys

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