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2 brothers, 1 was 9 years old, the other brother was 6 years old were out playing, the 9 year old says to his brother..."we're almost men now, we need to learn to cuss :2mo5pow: like the men do, so tomorrow I'm going to say HELL all day and you're going to say ASS...OK?", the younger brother agrees, they fist
 bump and high 5.
The next morning they come downstairs for breakfast, their mother asks the 9 year old..."what do you want for breakfast?", he says "awww HELL give me some Cheerios!", she grabs him by the ear and takes him upstairs busting his tail all the way and puts him in his room and says..."stay in there until your father gets home and he's going to bust your tail again!", she goes back downstairs and leans across the table and says to the 6 year old..."NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR BREAKFAST?", he says..."I...I...I... don't know....but you can bet your ASS I don't want no Cheerios!!:WOW:"

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