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Meteorite characteristics

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Generally meteorites have particular characteristics which distinguishes them from other terrestrial rocks, namely, fusion crust, metal flakes, cold makings, e.t.c.   

An experience person can identify them from pictures,  though it can be challenging,  coz , more than 30,000 have been recovered, with different shapes, colours and size, and I doubt no one can claim to have seen and touched all, am not sure, some may have .


 Therefore it's imperative to answer queries related to Meteorite ID with much professionalism and scrutiny, moreover , whether its accepted or not in the forum as been a meteorite a person will still have to confirm through testing it in the laboratory.  

I have seen meteorites pictures especially those that they call museum quality, and some in the e-bay. Its not always true that meteorites should be the way presented in those websites, some are weathered, some may be new finds. So lt better we exercise constrain and sobriety when trying to give views on meteorite identification , that doesn't mean that you dont have to comment, Thanks.

I have some of my finds to share with you 

First one could be an iron

And the second an ordinary stone chondrite with fusion crust




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Hi Jimale,

  There is a ton of info online on meteorite identification. The 2nd picture does not look like an OC.... (hope its not a trick question/ pic) . The first pic looks interesting, if it clinks right to a magnet like an iron, cut her open, see whats inside.... if it looks good, try an acid etch. Good Luck, hope it is something...


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23 hours ago, Jimale said:

I have seen meteorites pictures especially those that they call museum quality, and some in the e-bay.

Do you have a local museum with a curated meteorite collection?  You can learn way more from seeing them in person than you ever could from pictures.  "Museum quality" is an advertising term and essentially meaningless; it is completely subjective.

I agree with Dave on both counts, you should window the first one (it could be iron ore, tends to look that way) and etch it if its metal inside, and the 2nd picture does not appear to be a meteorite.

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Thanks Donald for that input.

Am in a remote villages in Kenya,  where those terms like window and etching may not be possible coz of lack of instruments, but I will try to cut small section for those that I can especially rocky one. 

Mike thanks also, but, thought an iron ore , was not as smooth as my pic.

Anyway,  I have convinced myself that I had enough meteorite finds,  if only you will analyze the photo better.

These ones with fusion crust on Landing and maybe an O/C





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