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Ancient wigwam

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While prospecting near the southern end of the chocolate mountains in 1975, came across a trail a little wider than a game trail. Followed it down in to a wash and up the other side on a small flat where about a eight foot diameter circle of rocks. Next to the circle of rocks was a large chunk of palm agate they used to make their stone tools. Further on the trail leading to a water hole was chunks of clay pottery. What's interesting, is the nearest plam agate is 3-4 miles away. I didn't disturb anything, like to return someday with my grandkids and take pictures. Near Glamis CA.

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Interesting,  it's been 42 years since you discovered this, I would go back and see if it's still there intact, a lot of people could of made the same discovery in the years that have passed if so I hope they left it as you did, but you know how some people are. 

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I know of two places some what like that .   Chips and Flakes all over the place.  Core Stones up the wazuuuu just a bit too small to be of any more use.   Nothing in the line of relics seen or found.  Stone foundations about 10ft x 6ft circles.    Both like 30mile drive East or West of me.  One is special to me. 

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Only thing concerned about is that it's less than a quarter mile outside the bombing range. Was camped out there in August 2011, woke up one night, a huge fire on the side of the mountain close to the wigwam. Was about two miles SE. It was three months later friend don told me that a pilot didn't pull his jet up in time to clear the mountain. 


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