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Massive Diamond Found

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1 hour ago, Morlock said:

 I read a few days ago where a young kid from Arkansas found a 7+ carat diamond. Must have been thrilled.

The last two big (for the Crater of Diamonds) carat finds (5+ to 7+ carat range) were made by total noob first time visitors to the pipe.. Both were discovered by young lads within their first thirty minutes in the diamond field: the earlier directly along side one of the few paths and the latter along what I believe is called the south drainage.. Neither knew what they had until they were leaving and having their finds checked by staff.. In the case of the find a couple years ago, when the boy showed his find to his mother she said: You couldn't have found a diamond, we've only been here twenty minutes.. Good thing the kid stuck it in his pocket instead of chucking it..


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A Brown Diamond at that !  http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/teen-boy-finds-744-carat-supermans-diamond-arkansas/story?id=46198936


Must have drove by that place like ten times always thinking I'll stop but it never happened. 



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