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Great video starring Bill Southern and Kevin Hoagland


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Jen, thanks for posting this.  I just watched it and will watch it again and again, as Mike suggests.  It made me realize how little I know my detectors.

The info from Bill and Kevin is precious, and Kevin's oral renditions of an improper and properly-tuned threshold are worth, well, more than bunches of words.

Can't wait to get out again armed with this info.


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Tommie if you were there on Saturday and you must have been if you were right behind the camera guy then you were only a couple seats away from me. I'm the 'Mike' they are joking with on the video. I was in first row on the far end in front of the big speaker tower.

Mike F


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24 minutes ago, Reno Chris said:

Funny thing - I mentioned this to Kevin at the Puyallup (Seattle area) show and he had no idea it existed.


Alzheimer's can be brutal :arrowheadsmiley:

just playin Kevin :ROFL:


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