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Time for a Beach Break


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I've got a day to decide where I should go in Nevada, Arizona or California for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Where should I go metal detecting? (If you need/want a partner PM me.)

I have to be back in Southern California for the weekend.



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Welll, it IS Spring Break -- so I have to imagine you have a jammed-up beach or two out your way same as we have over here.. But you only want to be doing those if you have a hunnert glib replies for the 3K times someone's gonna say to you they just lost their ring or chain.. You'll also need to be fully prepared to be chugging a bottle of vodka in one hand and a quart of mixer in the other with a buncha college guys as they're busily adopting you as their newest bestest local friend while a passle of chicks a third your age are having a twerk off in front of y'all..

Or there's the peace and tranquility of the desert..

They both have their good points, some of which seem to make much better sense before hand than after (posting bail..) :th:


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Its getting warm over here in AZ..

Tom H.


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