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Check Your CTX Settings


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I've used my CTX for a couple of years now on the beach and a couple of times for relic hunting.  Most of the time I use one of the standard programs (like beach or silver) with the auto set at the maximum at +3.  This has treated me pretty good so I've stuck with it.

Recently I've had a hard time hearing many of the signals I have been getting clearly.  They show on the screen but are difficult to hear clearly.  I've tried changing programs on the beach with salt on and off, etc, etc.

When I use my 7000 out in the desert I've learned to go with some conservative settings like Bill and Kevin advocate.  It was time to use these settings with the 3030.

What happened?  I didn't loose depth (I thought I would) and the sounds became clearer.  I tried some of the settings in a high EMI area as low as -1 with the 17" coil.  The 'noise' seemed to be less and I could make more distinct signals out of targets.  Now I'm not fixed on +3 and will use A, +1 and do a little testing on my first targets and proceed from there.

This helped me find these three rings one day last week.  Two of them are 'junk' but fun finds.  The other one (in the center) is an 8.8g/14k & ster ring that was very crusty and corroded when found.  That made it kind of 'crackle' in the salt water/wet sand that I was hunting.




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