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Questionable Land Withdraw


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I feel your pain. I have 2 claims in trinity county calif since 1992 and almost 2 years ago same "segregation bs" was pulled. Turned out there was many cases for many years along a 22 mile stretch of the trinity river as under salmon reclaimation. They have 100% killed it all but the tribes demanded it so guess who wins when it comes to law. Many have filed appeals and fought-none won but 1 of mine. 1 of mine was filed by BLM and the other by FS. Filed appeals and got the fs to drop one but scum sucking dog who started this 20 year insanity was retiring and getting his last payback. Over 20 years ago we miners-original Miners Alliance- forced 3 rewrites of the trinity plan by the BLM and at the public meeting he stated all will get theirs. It was a requirement of law for prior notification but neither the fs/blm knew I had claims there after 24 years of taxes/filings and NOI. 20 years of not being able to mine a legal claim so they have 20 years to figure out if they might want to do something there on my claim over 3/4 mile from the river. APPEAL. John 

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Well the BLM and more so the Forest Critters have been so infiltrated with Liberals it's like there are no laws any more. They make the chit up as the stumble on. HF

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I have faith that our current administration will take a different light to these issues.  This change for better will not happen overnight, and as long as one party completely resists every bit of change, there's bigger fish to fry than land usage for a single miner for tomorrow, but by the end of the year?  I have hope for change for the better.

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