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Gold Fix Movies or Books?


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Hey Prospectors! Anyone have any good movies, shows, or Book recommendations for a Fever Fix? I just saw White Fang again. Man, I forgot how much it was based around the Yukon Gold Rush. It's on HBO GO too if you haven't seen it. I'm thinking I'll have to go back and watch City Slickers as well. 

Also picked up Roughin It by Twain. So far so good ??

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Movies, an real oldie but great movie, my vote for number 1 gold prospecting/gold fever movie "Treasure Of The Sierra Madre", another not quite as old and a bit funny w/ Clint Eastwood, "Paint Your Wagon",  another Clint Eastwood classic "Pale Rider", another oldie "Lust for Gold", another oldie "Mother Lode", "Into The West", good movie "MacKenna"s Gold", "Cariboo Trail",  "The Ballet Of Lucy Whipple", "North To Alaska", "The Far Country", "The Great Adventure", "North Star", "The Trail Beyond", "Call Of The Wild", Road To Utopia", "Trail Of 98", The Badlanders" , Mark Twain's: Roughing it".

Hope that will keep you occupied for a while, CRS has got to me right now :tisk-tisk: , I know of a few others but I can't remeber the names of them right at the moment! :89:

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