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A perspective of an Archaeologist and metal detectors...

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     So it seems the Artifacts are better left in the ground untouched never to be seen or preserved to continue the path of decay ?  I see two sides to this fence.  The Archeologist wish to be the sole entity   having the options of discovery or not to discover.  Upon discovery said objects will be cataloged recorded in some obscure book , ledger or data bank.  What  benefit is it to humanity knowing that Johnny Rebel or Hank the Yank carried his dinner spoon in his butt pocket ?   My guess is about .00000001% will find there way to a museum and be available for public viewing or be recorded in some fashion to benefit the public. Else will be stored until re-lost in some universities basement or museum box never to see the light of day again.

On the Other Hand !

     Mr/Mrs Metal Detector persons could enjoy a day or week end of First Hand Discovery in the fields locating trinkets and bob to be admired, talked about , viewed by others and  possibly passed on for generations.  On occasions something of Major monetary value may show up benefiting the locator and family and Yes, the Tax man.  This type of find would surely become known to the Archeologist as to locations and other info to their gain of knowledge.  We all know the Arch's pay taxes on there finds Right ?  Somethings the Archeologist would consider just another mini ball or belt belt buckle would mean the golden find of the day to some other Mr/Mrs Metal Detector persons.  Again to be shared with friends, family , clubs or groups for years.

    So ?  Who's to benefit here ?   The Elite Academia and Universities not so willing to share with the Owners of said history?    The Owners of said history ?   Or Both ?   Why can't the two work together ?   Universities simply don't have the funding or the gumption to get out and do the dirty work it seems.  Mr/Mrs Metal Detectorist do.   How about opening these area's up to the public with strict reporting procedures of locations and finds ?  A understanding of finders retain control of any Monetary Values of said finds.  Unlike the U.K. System were the Queen Owns all and decides who keeps what and is rewarded what set values.  LOL Never was keen on that Idea. 



Just thinking.



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