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Mariposa Gem & Mineral Show April 8, 2017

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Just wanted to share this information for anyone who may be interested in Gems and Minerals. This show has a few nice exhibits and vendors showing their gold nuggets and specimens..all for sale of course.  Many vendors selling an assortment of minerals from around the world, plus tons and tons of material for jewelry making. Great opportunity to visit the California Mineral Museum too.
April 8 & 9, 2017
Mariposa Mineral & Gem Show
Admission $3 - Kids are Free
Parking is free
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
At Mariposa Fairgrounds
on Highway 49    -   2 miles south of Mariposa
California State Mining & Mineral Museum
(209) 742-7625
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Fantastic museum downtown a few blocks away also. I've given them a few objects and just got a 1950s trip down the 49r trail from film to dvd to send them also. Amazing July 4th parade from 56 was a hoot as so much was different then. Sicken than a dog, sure would be nice to revist my childhood stomping grounds. thanx for the headsup as GREAT folks-John

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16 hours ago, Hoser John said:

...just got a 1950s trip down the 49r trail from film to dvd to send them... John

Besides being a heckuva nice thing to do, with the exception of thirty-some additional years of deterioration to the original film, today's in-computer software-generated film-to-DVD frame-by-frame copies totally blow away the film-to-VHS copies that started getting done in the mid-latter '80s when that method and video tape were 'state of the art'..

The '80s method was a straight-up copy / transfer; you got it back warts and all, of which there were more than a couple, and it wasn't inexpensive either.. A major problem was getting the 16, 18 & 30 fps film to synch with VHS 24 fps.. I was able to easily eBay every ELMO 16-CL projector (I think that was the one) I could get my hands on in the late '90s at the school board 'obsolete' sales because it had a 5-blade shutter instead of the much more common 3-blade, since with some conversion work it could be made to nearly or completely eliminate shadows and artifacts across that entire fps spectrum.. But that's as good as it got..

Today someone running a good digital transfer operation will not only get your DVD copy back to you dust bunny free but will also return your original film with new splices and spun up on a fresh reel for about the same $$s as that VHS copy of yore.. Sure, there's a premium for working with marginalized originals, but you'll get a clean copy from film you wouldn't even consider trying to run through a projector -- which was the only option back in the day..

Anyhowww, just sayin' -- good thing you're doing there, HJ..


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Funny thing is it was film and COSTCO did the deed no sweat for under $20 a few years ago. I have a slide copy unit but 1 at a time and over 10,000 family shots to do at least a minute each. When bought didn't know so slow. LOVE Mariposa and them hills much

bagby 56-57

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Thyis years show was abig disappointment, first year I can remember having to pay to get in, not only that they did not have many venders or anything set up. To me and my uncle it was a bust this year, Grubstake

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