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1.5 Oz. Day!!!


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I scored  a couple of firsts today. My largest nugget and largest total one day weight! 

I was swinging a 4500 with a 14x9" Evo in Central AZ....

IMG_1045.JPGhand half oz.jpg

Two slugs fresh from the ground.

good problem.jpgIMG_1047.JPG

It won't fit in the bottle:ROFL:! A good problem to have!!


Weigh in.


Today's total. All three nugs were found in a 20' run.

Still in shock! Happy Valentine's Day to me :4chsmu1:.



Cleaned up some...15 grams of Mother Nature's finest art work.

Awesome day!





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CRAP! Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats unbelievable :) IN a great way.

Really happy for ya. WTG :yesss:

I know you work for it.

Bet that smaller one would look really cool in a Macro shot.

I guess there was a 6 pk of Model after this. :oregonian_winesmiley:

Tom H.


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Thanks guys.

Tom, I will try try and post a macro shot of that one. It really is unique.

Charlie, The large one was only 4" (shallow bedrock) and gave the sweetest low-high signal you've ever heard. It popped out of the hole while scraping dirt in to the pile with the flat end of my pick! The round one was fairly deep at 10-12".

Mike, The "wirey" one is a beauty for sure.



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:ROFL: YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that wire gold species reminds me of our dog creek gold. I have a hunk in the sdbox from the early 90s about 1/2 oz and covet them intricate pieces as rare as hens teeth. Kudos on a righteous day-wish you many MANY more :head: John

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Thanks again, guys!

Gary- So now I'm the "Huckleberry":yesss: !  I will bear the name with pride...until you or some other deserving soul takes it back. Which will be soon, I think, with the perfect detecting weather. You have been doing great as well!! Keep up the good work!



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