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Bacon !


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Well it seems the grocery stores here have no Idea what Bacon is. Salt Pork sprayed with Liquid smoke and NO KNo3 is NOT Bacon. Gotta DO What I Gotta Do ! Contrary to popular belief, bacon does NOT need to be 90% Fat. Imagine if you will, a Bacon Steak ! Yes like a Kick Butt Pork Chop cured as BACON ! 2" thick Pig T-Bone Bacon. Dats what I'm going to make.


KN03 Check

Curing Salt  No but I have some granulated  Kosher Salt from who knows.   Check

Mesquite Wood  Check

3" thick Pork chops need to be picked up in the morning.  Check.

Borde again, Homefire






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Practical People don't sweat the small stuff.  It's the Prize at hand that's important.  Never was able to have many Jewish Friends.  They had this thing about going fishing and stuff. Come to think about it they didn't like any of the stuff I did like Camping, Fishing ,  Hunting, Motor Cycles even Prospecting.  Emmmmmm  What's with that ?

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Hmmmm....bacon :droolin:

I made a ham a couple of months ago using morton tenderquick. Came out awsome. Since then, I have brined several pork roasts before smoking with a 50/50 mix of kosher salt and raw sugar. If left in the brine more than a couple days it starts to get the pink coloring...I imagine a longer soak would cure it good enough for home use. It's not like most of us have to hang our bacon in the cellar. We have refrigerators :)

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    Morlock, That's my main issue.  Real Bacon comes from the whole pig.  Not just the Belly or flank.  Emmm Flanks not so bad.  Seems Butchers are a Rare Breed  .   We lost our good butcher years ago.  We have a Mexican Meat / Other product store you can order stuff .  The guys not so reliable .  Some times it take him a month to come up with what your asking for and take a week to show up.  Peppers Grocery Store here in town will custom cut steaks, pork chops and the like if they can get things whole any more .   , Pork Bellies can be had on line from Omaha Steak like  outfits but you can buy a whole hog here for a little more.  http://www.tenderbelly.com/product/belly/?doing_wp_cron=1487170006.5844039916992187500000

  Better off buying whole boneless pork butt to use.  Cheap and the Bomb. 

  We can get a year old hog here for about $200.00 .   That's the best bet.   Take them to a Wild Game Butcher up in Silver City .  They charge .30 a lb to cut and wrap. 

  If you have the Gumption you can go out and shoot a Ferrel Hog here no license or tag required. 




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Went to the butcher shop the other day and got really good bacon. The butcher asked me if I wanted it wrapped in plastic or paper? I said paper was ok as I was going to "seal a meal" it anyway. After I left, I thought that I should have asked him why he asked? Is there a difference in the bacon depending on how they wrap it?

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