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Homefire Stonia Reports. All is Well on within the Walls of Forward Desert Support Out Post Deming. Coffee and Blue Berry Pie in hand. Lack of Gumption substituted Blue Berry Pie for Egg Sandwich. So warm yesterday we had the front door open until about 8:00 last night. Are you ready for this ? We had a few Moths come flying in. Poor things hatched out in the confusing warm three days and are going to miss the Orgy planned for the spring. Tsk Tsk... A wasted life.


End Report. 

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Wonder how many people know that drinking a lot of liquid with your meal keeps your 

bowels loose and runny if you sneeze just take a shower and put on clean clothes or

you can drink your coffee or what ever 15 minutes before your meal or 30 minutes

after you eat this will help your bowels to get solid without the oops I didn't make it!

If a sales person wants to come to your house make sure you eat lots of garlic and

get close and say what quite often they won't bother you any more after that!

Or you could get nasty and givem a beer with a good dose of exlax///////////




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