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Funny Skunk.....


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Hey all:
 Went out with Luke/Dad the other day and Pops had a funny thing happen.

No yellow on this trip............

Luke and I were out hitting the hills and Pops was close to the truck..

 On the way in we saw another truck and was wondering ...detecting? or what.

Pops found out......Hes detecting along and looks up and sees a MONSTER!

Well. the monster was a guy in a guilly suit all cammoed out. The guy was out hunting coyotes.

They chatted a while and all was good.

I know that would have scared the P@@@ out of me to look up and see that. :)

Glad Pops had his 5 way done couple of years  ago :) This might have took him over the rainbow bridge.
Great day out...:yesss:

Tom H.



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This is probably about the only time of year a fellow could wear a ghille suit in AZ without boiling his insides:25r30wi:

Lots of coyotes this year and gonna be more. With all the green growth in the desert,  the rabbits will do what rabbits do...make more rabbits! 

I saw a skunk on the way into Wickenburg yesterday. I wonder if its the same one thats been following me for 9 months? :tisk-tisk:

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The skunks were plentiful this last weekend it sounds like, I couldn't turn up gold in new areas either. Also ran into coyote and peckor hunters, no guilly suits though, isn't that a little overkill for coyote hunting? He must have been playing Call of Duty real life. It would also make good cover for a guy working a nugget patch!

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