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Fireball lands in Lake Michigan

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A fireball landed in Lake Michigan on Monday.


"Sky-watchers from Kentucky to Canada got quite a surprise this morning: a dazzling ball of light streaking through the sky. Debris from the meteorite arced from the atmosphere toward the ground, eventually plunging into Lake Michigan.

So far today, the American Meteor Society (AMS) has fielded 222 reports from people in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Ontario, Canada. The event is technically called a “sporadic fireball”—completely random and unanticipated by astronomers......"

More, plus a video at the above link.

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According to the Doppler radar, it landed in Lake Michigan somewhere between Sheboygan and Two Rivers. It is my understanding that meteorites often fall pretty close to where the Doppler signatures are located.


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