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Doesn't matter so much to me who wins as it does seeing the 4th quarter ending in a tie.. And given my numbers the only ways for this to happen is for both of 'em to play a fairly high-scoring no-field-goals game, both having only a field goal and safety each or a combination of the two.. I'm not holding my breath over any of those scenarios coming to pass..

In another pool though I have ATL x7 / NE x6 at the end of the 4th, which is doable.. Not the best, but doable..


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I don't care who wins, as lomg as the score comes out right, I'm in a pool. my #s are 2 and 2 so if the first quarter comes out 12 to 22, I win, second quarter same thing, has to be both teams ending in 2, Grubstake

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