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Butt Loads of Gold Found

Hoser John

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14 minutes ago, Hoser John said:

Love the topic title John, how fitting!! :ROFL:

So it appears that he was bored with his job of purifing gold and when the other way after purification of the gold!!! :brows:

It looks like his ninja skills (now you see it, now you don't :200:) backfired on him!! :4chsmu1:

I wish they would have stated exactly which gold coins it was he hid where the sun don't shine so I don't buy one of them anytime soon, I never heard of a warning of contaminated gold coins, maybe they should put out such a warning so we know to wash our hands after admiring our gold coins and of course don't let the kids put them on their mouths! :th:

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Good one John. I saw this on the news earlier. One time down in Mexico we were told by the locals that there were bandits watching us hunt.we got paranoid and dumped the nuggets down into the gas tank on my camper van.
But up the but*. I don't think so,eat them maybe. But then again some of them were pretty large and coarse. I guess some times you really don't know the source of the gold.?   :idunno:       AzNuggetBob

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"Judge Doody said these items "could have been used to facilitate insertion of gold items inside his rectum", reports the Toronto Star. "  HaHaHa!!!  Sounds like the judge is experienced!!  Too funny!   Cheers, Unc



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