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Happy Birthday Mike Furness!

Terry Soloman

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Mike! Happy B-day :) We can celebrate at the outing :yesss:

Have a good one.
Tom H.


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Erm, not for nuttin', but isn't Mike's birthday in May..?

I mention this only because last year after Skip posted it me thinking Mike & I are only a few days apart..
Just another one of those fun things from NuggetShooter that can clog up one's haid.. :4chsmu1:


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4 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

If it's wasn't Mike's birthday it's his fault because it's the date he added when he rregestered on the forum, same over on AZO forum, maybe Mike likes having two birthdays each year!!


1 hour ago, ArcticDave said:

Nope...it was Mikes birthday. He's a Febuary baby. A bunch of us are :)

Hey, I can understand multiple birthdays every year.. That's why I finally had to give all my internet alias' the same one -- couldn't keep up wif 'em any longer..

AZO..? Hush, son..! Methinks Nora is secretly in luv with Chris.. She alla time tryin' to talk me into takin' her to his daid of winter detecting seminar & jamboree.. Hmmmm..

Feb is a good month, Dave.. One of my kids is born in Feb..

But anyhowww -- now I gotta do a serious scrollback here to see what it really is I saw there and then.. It'll probably turn out being that other Mike Furness dude.. Get ready to move out, F Troop..! Wagon's East..!


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