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How to deal with MDBS .


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As a 11 year old in my ignorance I pleaded my mother to get me a Crusader BFO metal detector out of the back pages of a Treasure magazine.  Seemed like months before it showed up.  Being the All Powerful All Knowing confident self I was I didn't bother reading the one page of instructions. Took me no time figuring out I only had to re tune the thing every ten steps or so.  Yep, found my first coin just ten minutes later.  A 1954 silver quarter 3ft from the front door. I was DOOOOMED.  AFFLICTED ! Never to be the same. Here I am Afflicted with MDBS (Metal Detectorist Brain Syndrome) Being a Progressive Disease at first it was just yards.  Neighbors yards, School Yards and Parking lots and Parks.  It was only when I found my self wandering Mountain Sides I realized I had some serious issues at hand.  Now some  40  years later! If it goes Beep, Wing, Ding, Ping or Woooop I try to find metal with it.

They say I can still live a Somewhat Normal life with the Affliction but I struggle at times.

How do you all deal with it ??


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Yea, it seems that way.  Winters seem the worst.  Unable to appease the Obsessions is terrible.    I have it Baaaaaad.   Everything I see or do lead me to metal detecting.  Just yesterday  Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife got out her Knitting.   What did I see in her Kit ?   METAL DETECTOR COILS !   Is that ridiculous or What ?   Yep !  Check this out.

Knitting / Weaving frames for making Hats.

Available at any Wal Mart cheap.

Purpose build

Multi SIzes

Made as to Order

Metal Detector Coil Winding Jigs.

Her kit had a 5"  7"  9" and 11" jig.  They sell larger sizes as well.

You can make Mono coils, DD Coils putting a smaller jig in the center of a larger jig Concentric Coils.  For the Old Ohmaga Coils you just put the Small Jig to the bottom of a larger jig and winding away.

The Pegs come out for easy removal of said Wound Coils.

Dang !  Can't take any more !  Going to twist up a coil for my Home Built Barracuda PI.

See Ya !




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Embrace your addiction as it'll be with you forevermore. Built mine from Tandycraft, a Heathkit bfo and the beaches/parks were lined with silver and gold. Sure beat our wheeled 2 man sandscoop...my back aches just from the memory BUT bought my first 52 ford with coins and gold hahaha. Love it and never leave it as after just 60 years I'm just getting started-John:yesss:

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