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Amount of gold in specimen formula

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Just wanted to share this simple procedure to get an approx. gold weight in a gold/quartz specimen. Took it off Bill & Linda's site. If your not familiar with their site , its pretty cool , lots of pictures and interesting things on it. Iam going to try this procedure today with a large speci I found 3 years ago out in Randsburg, ca. Not sure how accurate it is, but even if it's off by a few grams on larger specimens it's better than not knowing at all what you have in the specimen. 



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Thanks LipCa,


I will give both formulas a try and see the difference between them, will post results later.


Ok so my dry weight is 156 penny weight, wet weight 48 pennyweight.

It comes to  around 1.67 troy ounce of gold within specimen.

I tried the other formula and screwed up. I will give it a go again and see how close it come out to the 1.67 grams.  Okay so Second formula at 1.58 troy ounces....pretty close.  I thought I had more gold in the specimen, for a 5 ounce gold / quartz piece I thought i would have around 2-3 ounces:idunno:but I am still thrilled I have 1.6 ounces of gold :yesss:

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So, what is the host rock so we may use the SG of that rock?

Specimen weight and dry weight should be the same....  30.95 grams does not equal 19.8 dwt

not enough info...

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19.8 Pennyweights x 1.55 = 30.69 grams dry weight . Wet weight 7 Pennyweights x 1.55 =  10. 85 grams


The matrix is quartz... 


There are a few formulas but I used a simple one...not sure of its accuracy but I came up with a number. Thought it would be a cool thing to post, goal being to make it less a mystery than it is. The formula I used is on billandlindaprospecting.com How many of us have random specimens laying around and just toss it in a safe place  without knowing the gold content? I bet a few.


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