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Type 3?

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After finding a 1.2kilo and then 100m away, a 3.5kilo plus 2 seperate 1 kilo pieces, we drew a line and followed it...2kms away, my partner discovered a 5 kilo. We put some windows in each and have a feeling they are all potentially a type 3 judging by the amount of chondrules. 

Considering type 3's are more sought after, my question is: Can anyone identify or make an educated guess as to what type we have? All 3 finds have very clear chondrules protruding the surface.. 

We are trying to figure out if these are paired or not so we can further pursue the line -We are hesitant considering our camp got robbed a few weeks ago and the line we are chasing is getting dangerously close to a "main" road where we think we were spotted from. 

I should also add that the 5 kilo seems to be weathered a little different. We think this might be due to the different terrain in which it was found. Is it possible to have slightly differente weathering within the same fall?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks ?

The 5 kilo in situimage.jpeg

5kilo revealed 




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