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So ? How are YOU all doing out there ?


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Weather is being Most Fickled down here in the High Desert of Southern New Mexico (4,400ft) . Almost 70F one day and the Next down in the Thirties. WTH ?

    You know What's Messed Up ? Having a All But Brand New  one year old, Unused GMT shipped all the way from the U.K. and not being able to put it to work !!     The Hillsborough area is calling but the Cold winds get ugly this time of year. Pinos Altos is nasty this time of year too. Cold Rains with a Dusting of the "S" word. Guess I'm just going to have to go play in the tailings around the Victorio Range.  Only about 25 miles from here and still in the lower elevations.  

    Pile of projects working keeping things going.  Anchor Barracuda PI PCB Built waiting for a Enclosure to come in.  Still Messing with different coils  with it.  I have a Idle Bounty Hunter 101 S shaft/Rod ready for it.  Built a simple BFO for the kid down the Road and doing ToT lot time with him.   Trying to hunt down a Battery Door Latch for the Prizm II no one wants to know about.   Not a high priority at the Factory it seems.   LOL    Lets see what else ?   Trying to wrap my brain around the workings of the Arduino's abilities and lack there of.  A few other Putzings things.   OH ,  The CV joint in the  Zero (Mitsubishi) is going to fail any day now so that's going to be fun.

    Well that's the Report from this corner of the South West. How about you all ?


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GLUB GLUB GLUB How would you like to live here?

As of Tuesday, 17.65 inches of rain had fallen at the Pit No. 5 Powerhouse near Big Bend in eastern Shasta County since Jan. 1, according to the state Department of Water Resources. About 19.5 inches has fallen at Stouts Meadow on the McCloud River, according to the state.

And Donner over 15' of NEW snow also.......all in less than 10 days for gods sake...now where did I put that ark as yet another RIVER of storms heads our way---John
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Drying out this weekend...last week, like HJ said, we got hit with rain pretty good...New Melones reservoir is still only a little over half full, but it has a huge capacity...we're supposed to get another wave of this "atmospheric river" :4chsmu1: next week...kind of reminds me of the normal weather we had in the past...My sympathies go out to the folks in the midwest though...from what I can decipher, the rain we had this last week is gonna be freezing rain for them, and that stuff is just plain BAD for everything.


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Well Ladies and Gentlemen !   I Homefire, from the thrown of Homefire Stonia here by declare TODAY !   A Inside Day.


Things are getting Nasty out side.


Bad, Bad things. 




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