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Barringer Crater in 3D

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Made another 3D map, this time it's Barringer (Meteor) Crater in Northern Arizona.

This is a small map, if you would like better resolution I have it but it will be a slow load on most connections.

You can move around in the 3D environment with your mouse. Pan, Zoom and get Information from the features. Try typing in an "r" and watch the mountain spin in 3D. Type an "L" to turn on or off the labels. The "I" in the lower left corner will show you more options.

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I used a 10 meter elevation to create this model. It's actually lower res than that to keep the map load smaller.

A model at nearly full resolution is available at:

Barringer (Meteor) Crater LARGE

but that's a 40 Mb load so if your connection or processor is slow you will probably want to avoid that one.

Truthfully the 30 foot DEMS are pretty coarse for this kind of work. I've made some at 3.5 centimeter but those tend to come in around 2 Gb for an area about 1/8 the size of this one. Not very workable for the web. :grr01:

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