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RIP Oldone

Uncle Ron

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Yo All, I just learned that Gary Pechin, "Oldone" here on the forum, tragically passed away last Sept. 27 ... RIP Gary ... Ron

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For guys who didn't know, Gary was the caretaker up at Octave and the Beehive Mines...He lived up there for years with his faithful dog ... The dog died and Gary couldn't handle the loneliness apparently...His body was found next to his dog's ... He was a heck of a gold detectorist ... Big nuggets ...He had a rough life ... Sad ..... Unc


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   Even without knowing it a Critter can become so much a part of your life over time.   What you do every day when you first get home.  What you think about when you Eat. What you do just before heading to the Rack.  On the Critter side they become Dependent on your every day actions too.  They can mold their life around everything you provide as well.  Not just the Food and Shelter.   Dogs, Cats , Birds , monkey's or what ever are all Social Animals and Companionship is not a option.   It's a Requirement. 

   Most critter owners are a completely different kind of human then say a city slicker non animal person.  They think different.  Things that would be Meaningless to a non animal owner could be a top priority.    

  I know owning four dogs has shaped our lives to the max. 



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