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"HEY BILL", I found your Nugget Brothers !


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After looking at your last post of nuggets I noticed a resemblance in yours, and in the two that I found last Friday as well.  Only thing was that I didn't have to hike-in as far as you, and they came from a completely different location I'm sure.  This location had obviously been heavily worked by the o'l timers with extensive rock stacking; and I am sure had also been heavily-hammered over the following years by the VLF'ers, and then later with many other models of metal detectors.  In order to get to bedrock I had to "physically-remove" at least 18" of conglomerated overburden that was "impregnated-with" numerous 30-50 lb. boulders, rocks, dirt, sand, mud and clay.  Even after I had removed all of this debris each nugget was wedged down deep (about 2") in the fractured bedrock.  Some times you don't have to hike-in as far, but it takes a lot more physical determination to get to the nuggets.  Gary  


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