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Lots of Hiking and a Little Hunting

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Went out exploring yesterday in an area I kind of forgot about over the years until a friend reminded me last year and we got some gold together, went back in yesterday and tried a bit higher up and got these 2, both were about 7 inches down wedged in the bedrock. Took a little work because bedrock was solid, but got them....


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Nice work Bill :)
Glad you got some swinging in and found gold!
Tom H.


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Thanks for sharing Bill! You guys are keeping the hope alive for me as I haven't been out hardly all year, finally was able to make plans for this weekend and then got horrible food poisoning Friday night.:sickbyc:    So next weekend it is, if it doesn't rain or i have to go into stinkin work again...

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Gary ... Distance is the same ... only variable we are all getting older! LOL! Kidding of course ... yes we are having to go further out to find easier ... not I did not say EASY gold ... Still finding a few pieces here and there on pounded ground but few and far between. Get a good pair of hikers and go forth into the wildernees!!!

Mike F


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