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I went out on Turkey Creek for a bit yesterday, the water was still running pretty deep. I work some of the hillsides and benches for a couple of hours but nothing!     

In the past I have done ok in that area with a drywasher. I was wondering if anyone has ever done any good there metal detecting?  

IMG_4144 (800x600).jpg

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I've found a few nuggets along Turkey creek....   :yesss:

Although, I'm not sure where, in relation to your photo.   :89:

It's out there, just keep looking.



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I would love to set up a sluice or a high banker there.  Better yet, a dredge.  I wonder how big a dredge you could get in that creek?


The GPAA has a claim along that creek.


I think a dredge of up to 4" is legal here, but the number of days you can dredge that creek a year, you can probably count on one hand.  The old GPAA guide had some info on the dredge limitations, but I got rid of it.  I think the limit of 4" was in NFS land.  There's a couple of videos of a group dredging the Hassunyumpa:


I don't think there's any real restrictions except being on unclaimed land in a BLM area.  More importantly is the lack of water.  I've been to my claim in AZ one day, went home, it rained, I came back the next day, inches of dirt had been added to an area of the creek, but not a drop of water.  It had rained overnight and by the time I got back, there was no flowing water, but the soil was a bit damp.  I'd missed where the creek was flowing, probably a foot or more deep, but the downpour ended as soon as it started, and all traces of the water except the dirt it moved was gone.

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The guys are local and are supposed to be active in the AMRA.  I'd consider joining their club if I had a dredge.  For now, the GPAA claims, my claim, and access to all that unclaimed BLM land is keeping me going.

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