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Is it dry enough? Quartzite area

Sean in AZ

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Heading to Quartzite this week and just wondering if it's dry enough to dry wash or if it rained bunches there?


am taking my GB2 also, but thought just maybe I could use both.


any comments are much appreciated.


sean in AZ

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Quartzite would be nice to know, and I hope someone local would answer.


Was desperate to dry wash with damp conditions in the Wickenburg area.  Dug the damp dirt and left to dry on the tarp.  Turned it a few times with the shovel.  I was surprised at how quickly it actually dried out.  Ran it through the dry washer and re-ran the tailings couple of times, and had some concentrates to pan.  Very time consuming, but I got my fix. Still beat lugging 60 gallons of water to run a wet set up. 

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I understand the addiction Chrisski.


if I don't find anything with the GB2 I can almost always get a little color with the dry washer.



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I was up in the Bradshaw mountain north of wickenburg  2 days ago. Massive amounts of rain. We're looking at a friends operation.  In those last 2 bid storms we measured water that was left on a 5 gallon bucket. . Not joking it had 12 in of water in it. Used a tape measure.  Definitely going to be wet up there

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Sean ... I was in Quartzsite last week ... Tried to answer this then but I couldn't get a good signal. Q is way to wet right now to drywash. Only way you could would be taking small quantities and spread it out on a tarp to dry and then run ... way to much like work ... it is supposed to be fun! On the other hand the GB2 could find you some areas that you might want to drywash ... heavy large crystal black sand areas ... in a couple of weeks if we don't get any more gully washers here.

Mike F

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