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MineLab GPX Battery Amp Problem

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Had a question maybe someone is familiar with on the forum. I have a Lithium battery that charges up fine and the green light goes on when fully charged. It worked for a few weeks and than I noticed when I plug in headphones I get a noise, kinda like when you're doing an auto tune... Wondering if the amp part of the battery has gone bad. Is there a way to repair it? Does not appear like their are problems with the batteries or charging...just the noise when its pluged in. I have another battery that works just fine, so its not the coils, detector or headphones.

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I don't know about these batteries, but I do know a bit about electrical componets and connectors, it's possible the head phone jack is not making a good connection or it may have a loose wire, head phone jacks have a spring like contacts that makes a pressure connection to the male head phone barb and they may have lost some of the bend that give them that spring tension, if you can get the battery apart so you can make sure the spring tension is making good contact and or check for a loose wire.   

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