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3D Mapping Test - Please help


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I've been working on a 3D mapping system. I've put together a sample map of Rich Hill, Arizona with some mine information.

There is a bunch of stuff these maps can do but I'm not sure if they will work on enough peoples browsers to make it worthwhile to pursue development of this system.

Please give it a try and tell me what you think. (Caution - this is about a 7 megabyte map and may take a while to load if you are on a slow connection)
3D map HERE.

You can move around in the 3D environment with your mouse. Pan, Zoom and get Information from the mines. Try typing in an "r" and watch the mountain spin in 3D. Type an "l" to turn on or off the mine labels. It's a lot of fun and could be a cool feature for researchers if it works for enough people.

This map is smoking fast on my development machine using the latest Firefox browser but doesn't work at all on my Safari browser. It works in Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox on my Windows 10 computer but it's clunky. It doesn't work very well on my Windows XP machine in the latest Firefox.

Give it a try and let me know if you like it or hate it. If it's working well for you might consider going to a bigger map version for more fun.

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Works great.  I see no lag.


I have an i7 processor with Windows 10 and edge as a browser and also explorer as a browser on the regular and biggermap version.  I also have a standard connection to COX cable internet.  I measured the connection at 30 mbps download, 6 mbps upload, and 43ms delay.


The maps load up before I can finish reading this could take a long time to load.  When I use the 3D feature and go underground in explorer, the map disappears, but the points you put in remain.  When I go underground in edge, the map reverses.


When I use google 3D mapping for a route study before I go out, I usually get there and google mad the hills look less steep than they actually are.  What you are using is much more realistic.


Only problem was me misreading the instructions about right clicking to pan.


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