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Working on Working on tonight's Dinner. Will we have Twice Baked Potato's, Honey Baked Spiral Cut Ham , Mixed Collie flower/ Broccoli and Cheese or Honey Baked Spiral Cut Ham, Twice Baked Tators and Broccoli ? Emmmmm Maybe Broccoli/Collie Flower, Twice Baked Tators and Corn on the Cob and then the Honey Baked Ham . dang, gettin Hungry Here.



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refried beans, tortias, scallop corn with blueberry pie and ice cream yum yum

don't eat port anymore heard too many horror stories about it.  gal said in

high school teacher got them all outside and threw a pork chop on the sidewald

in the sun and told them to watch the chop...she said tiny little worms came 

crawling out after a while when the sun heated it up.  an article in a mag was

talking about the guy no matter what kind of pain killer they gave him it would

not kill the pain in his shoulder and the surgeon said we will operate in the morning

when they opened him up a whole bunch of tiny little worms were crawling 

around in his shoulder.  eat port?  no thanks


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