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LMAO my first Gold and on the beach

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Swampstomper Al, Since you and I hunted the beaches together, which by the way was a privilege and an honor to meet you in person.

Since then I had not hunted anywhere with work and rig issues but then when the storm cam I had a few weeks as a coincidence my truck went in for a new motor.  I hit St Augustine area down to Melborne.  No luck persay except for Daytona.  Someone lost their grill lmao 16K Dental gold barely rang too with the depth it was at but I dug it.

Glad I did.  No I did not try them on lol nor am I going too. Good for the shadow box.


I also took advantage of the time to get some dive time since the Navy and get my certification.  Maybe now a boat lol but hey at least some creeks and swamps n such.

I-7 330.JPG

I-7 331.JPG

I-7 332.JPG

I-7 475.JPG

I-7 468.JPG

I-7 004.JPG

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On 12/24/2016 at 4:12 AM, Au Seeker said:

Some "Gangster" is migthy upset over losing his Grill :4chsmu1:, great find!!

Nice diving shots!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too.  Happy new year!  Gonna do some detector diving soon too.

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