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Guy busted dredging...


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I drive past this area all the time and have always wondered if there is any ground that can be sniped, panned, metal detected...lots of tailings in the area...from the brief description of what the deputies found, I'm glad they popped the guy....

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10 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

Hmmm, I'm glad they got him out of there, he's a bad example of today's prospectors!!

I find it odd that there was no mention of charges filed on the dredging aspect??

 I don't find it all that odd...out here, I'm getting the idea that they pass a lot of laws so they can better control us with the "threat" of incarceration or huge fine $$$....it has nothing to do with right and wrong, protecting the civil rights of others...

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20 hours ago, homefire said:

Until the Drug issue came to light He was targeted to be  Harassed by the ranger. 

 I kind of wonder what kind of "human waste" he had laying around....I've gotten to the point where I almost EXPECT some kind of drug use by people living/camping along creeks and rivers...in fact, IIRC, Ca. passed a law  that makes possession of "personal use" amounts of drugs a misdemeanor...what chaps my ass is when I start stepping in human feces and seeing trash being scattered around...it was probably the combination of trash, feces, drugs and the general condition of his camp that got him popped...OTOH, I have run into more than one overzealous ranger and LEO....

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