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Spring is on its way...


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I really look forward to the winter solstice every year because it signals the coming of longer days.  Yesterday, I went down to my garage about 9:30 in the morning and the ground was still frozen....I rolled up the door and was greeted by a little warmth because the sun was hitting the top, side, and front of the metal building...I turned on the radio and rolled my workbench chair over to where it was sitting in the sun up front....a warm cup of coffee...talk radio (Rush), fresh, crispy air with the scent of pine and a warm, protected spot in the sun, where the occasional light breeze couldn't get to me...My knees and hips didn't hurt, I could walk without limping....ahhh...life is good again....a half hour later, I went up and refilled my coffee cup and returned to my little cozy spot in the sun....a great morning to gather my thoughts....I sat for probably another half hour before I got up and started fiddle farting around with putting together a "test" box, for testing a few different sizes of hose for my gold vac project....looking out the window this morning, I can see that there isn't any frost outside and the weather report is promising a calm and warmer day than we had yesterday...any guesses where I'll be later this morning???

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1 hour ago, Au Seeker said:

Life is always good everyday, even if you had the worst day of your life because it's very good at the end of that day that it's over and tommorow is another day that has to be hopefully better!! :thumbsupanim

 Pain can come in many forms...emotional, physical, mental, financial etc. and sometimes, it's hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other...yesterday was one of those special days that actually seem to heal the soul and refuel the desire to persevere...today was nice but there was something about yesterday that made it special....

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