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Black Canyon Gold


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Was out a couple hours yesterday and managed to snag these "sitting-Ducks" while exploring a new wash.  What surprised me was that they where all lying in bedrock cracks (no more than an inch (or less) down that was on openly-exposed bedrock that had been scoured from past heavy rains and flooding in an area that (I am sure) has seen heavy and frequent detecting-traffic by others.  There was no trash, nor lead anywhere on the area, so others had been there and removed it, yet they had not been thorough enough to get the gold.  Anyone with a VLF detector would have picked up a signal with these.




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Nice finds! :yesss:  Black canyon got slammed this last summer. Might be why they were redistributed.

Heck, who cares, you got em :)
Tom H.


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Yeah, those are some nice chunky little nugs.  :thumbsupanim

Congratulations !!



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Nice to see the Black Canyon Gold.


I had fun going there, but never found anything to speak of, only specks that were carried a long distance by the river.  The GPAA has given up the easy to get to claims along the river.  Supposedly "in the day," twice as much gold came out of the Black Canyon Area than did the LSD.  The black canyon area is much harder access than the LSD also.

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