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"Hey Bill !"


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It was good running across you (and your dog) out in the wash down on LSD yesterday.  Not being familiar with that area I felt like a fish-out-of-water when it came to determining where to go,and didn't know the character of the gold down there??  It was a little warmer up here on and around the Lynx, so I was able to get out for a few hours today, and managed to snag these.  I'm more familiar with the terrain up here, as well as the nature and character of where the gold should be.  Again, Good Talking with ya.  Gary 



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"Yea", you looked kind of bewildered when I first walked up to you; and "looked" at me like: "who" are you, "what" do you want, and "how dare" you indulge on my nugget-spot,......."Wow" I'm sure that's the same stance "I" have and reflect when someone approaches me when I'm out at one of my spots up here.  I guess it just goes with the experience,....and I don't blame you a bit.  Take care buddy.  Gary

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I hope you didn't walk up and tap Bill on the back of his shoulder while he was whispering to the nuggets.  Talk about making ya mess your britches!!

OOooooohh... even worse, imagine doing that to someone on a night hunt.   Daaaaamn!!   I think I'd die right there.

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