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Swampstomper Al

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Howdy Y'all,

I'm not the speeling police or anything like that.. However, I'd like to offer a very easy way to determine & remember
the correct form of two words with which many have difficulty: Your / You're and there / their / they're..

You're & they're:
The apostrophe [ ' ] = contraction.. You are; they are.. Ezy pzy..

There = here.. Substitute to verify..
I'm on my way there. / ( I'm on my way here. )
Let's go there for lunch. / ( Let's go here for lunch. )
There are four sizes. / ( Here are four sizes. )

Your & their = my.. Substitute to verify..
Your truck is on my claim. / ( My truck is on my claim. )
Their truck is on my claim. / ( My truck is on my claim. )

They're quite proud of the fact their design took first place there.
You're going to get towed by their security if you keep parking your car there.

Hope this helps..


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