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Opening day success on our elk hunt. Got this nice 4/5 pointer early after a few hours of hiking. No in field pics as I left the camera at the truck. After field dressing it took me 6 hours to hike him out, back to the truck. Got to my meat processor after dark, the pic at the processor shows some leg meat hanging as they began weighing it all in from the back of the truck. Took the head home and my girls helped with the finals, getting it down to bone and antler. We even turned some neck meat into treats for our dogs.Its good to live in America where you can take gold and game from the land...thank a vet! 


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Thanks. Minus the head we ended up with 230 lbs at the processor. Accounting for what they can't use I'm expecting about 110-140 lbs of good meat. Yum!

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