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I wish I could dig it up...but Nambia taking it all so bummer. Good old BBC ,I watch their news as MUCH censorship in US news and only a miniscule amount of real news from outside. Their tongue in cheek attitude is a nice change whilst our political turmoil continues-recount anyone--:Just_Cuz_06: John

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On 11/27/2016 at 0:40 PM, Micro Nugget said:

Nice post John.  Where did you dig up what was dug up?

I came across either this story or a more in-depth version when it first made news late spring or early summer, Martin.. Thing is I was looking for better information on oceanside diamond mining at Oranjemund, Nambia (not gonna happen) at the time and a link to this (an) article showed up during that search.. Since I had diamonds on the brain then I never even thought about posting a link to it here on the forum, even though this is exactly what I try to chase down along the Treasure Coast -- gold coinage from the 1715 hurricane sinking of a Spanish treasure fleet, duhhh..


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Back in the day guys like Walter Cronkite actually reported news from where it was happening (H-bomb tests near Vegas, moonshots, Vietnam war zones, etc.).  Todays so-called newscasters at CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC basically just sit around a table with handpicked commentators rendering opinions back and forth rather than news.  Disgusting!!  BBC at least sends agents into the field and occasionally CNN does too -- but mostly CNN is staffed by lazy desk jockeys who spend a lifetime trying to control the spin that is put on every narrative they issue.  They seem to be going nuts now that T won the election because no matter how hard they try to discredit or undercut him it just rolls right off his back.  I'd better cut this rant short before I really get rolling...

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