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A friend of Mine in the U.K. Sorta Gifted me a 1 year old Whites GMT.   Sent it UPS on the 18th.  Received a Msg with expected delivery today be for the end of the day.   Whhoooooo Hooooooo!  That has to be some kind of Record for UPS.   Asked the Wife last night as she was going to work to pick up batteries on her way home .  Needed to be Armed and Ready  when it arrived.   This morning the Sweet Girl informed me she sorta forgot the Batteries.   Chit Happens.  Get on the computer and find a Msg from U.P.S awaiting. 

The status of your package has changed.

Exception Reason: A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible.


  Dang !   Chit Happens !    LOL


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They just brought me, to my house, and not the gangbox, a thanksgiving card in pieces.........as in torn to s#!+ wow they closed our distribution center here and now a 3 day to LA is 5 or more IF it makes it at all. Books comes camelback via Arizona in 2+ weeks sic sic sic-John

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Nope No Green Card.  And it seems Customs over looked it too.  NO TARIFF.   It does have a U.K. Serial Number !  Does that count ?  Emmmm   Sure is Purrrdy !  Not a Scratch on it.  Brand Spanking New a Year ago and never been Used.  Now Just need to Get it over to Hillsborough down the Road. 

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The post office is great with the new service equipment that cost thousands!

Paul Harvey said the po sent out invitations to all the business people to come 

and see their new equipment and how fast iit is and they all received their invitations

the day after the show!

In 1961 it only took 4 days to get a letter first class mail to Italy, It has taken 2 weeks to 

get a letter from Wisconsin to Texas.  I live in the country and our mail box is one

and a half miles from the house and of course we have the dinky little city mail boxes

instead of the country ones and I have to drive  about 30 miles round trip to get a package that don't fit in the dinky little city mail box  and they call this service.

the po complains about losing customers wonder why.  believe carrier pigons would 

be faster.   i use email


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