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Nice thread Chris.  I like to see the exchange of information without contentious posts.  I know about your meds issue Sunshine.  Sorry for your issues and I hope you can get them resolved soon.

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"Geologic Occurrence of Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite forms under a variety of conditions. Some is primary, crystallizing from melts as accessory minerals inigneous rocks. Some forms by magmatic segregation and is in the stratified rocks of a magma chamber. Some occurs in pegmatite dikes and contact metamorphic rocks. Some is disseminated through schist and gneiss. Many volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits containing chalcopyrite are known.

The most significant chalcopyrite deposits to be mined are hydrothermal in origin. In these, some chalcopyrite occurs in veins and some replaces country rock. Associated ore minerals include pyrite, sphalerite, bornite, galena, and chalcocite.

Chalcopyrite serves as the copper source for many secondary mineral deposits. Copper is removed from chalcopyrite by weathering or solution, transported a short distance, then redeposited as secondary sulfide, oxide, or carbonate minerals. Many malachiteazurite, covellite, chalcocite, and cuprite deposits contain this secondary copper."


If that gives a better idea? (with the knowledge that the best placers were within the veins of this ore type in AZ) high grade vs low grade

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14 hours ago, chrisski said:

Don't see where the best gold placers come from copper ores.

 Never heard of that myself...though a lot of gold and silver have been recovered as a secondary metal from copper ore, I've never heard of it being recoverable other than through refining processes....

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