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No gold.

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Hi everyone, been a while since we've been out but have been watching what all of you have been finding. Keep it up and keep sending the pics. Anyway, the family and I went out this weekend since all of the big game seasons are over. Figured we would take advantage of the 65 degree Temps one last time before we become a winter wonder land. We didn't find any gold this trip but my oldest boy found all of the Chinese coins. I found the round Chinese  button and my little guy found the round balls. Not a bad last trip. Was nice to get out. To all of you Arizona folks, I know your season is just getting started so keep them pics coming for those of us who will be buried in snow the next 4 months or so. Take care and be safe out there.



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You are 100 percent correct about the family. Best time spent. 


Thanks Steve, good to hear from ya.

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What..?! You were in Cape Canaveral and didn't call..??
Oh, wait.. Those are Chinese coins, not washers..
Sorry.. My bad.. Never mind..
Detecting hasn't been so good here lately either..
That looks like a typical day's find at the shore lately..
Hurricanes are supposed to flippity-flawp beaches, not sand 'em in..


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Very cool stuff, Dan.  I really wish I'd run across that stuff once in a while.  Really makes you think about all the bad a$$ people who hunted gold before us.  Those were some tough cookies!

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Oh heck yeah Andy. They definitely earned their keep back then. Tough times back then I would imagine . Sure is fun finding the items that tell a little bit about how things were back then. Great history lessons for the kids every time we go out. Heck I learn a little more about the history of the area also. Good times.

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