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28 minutes ago, grubstake said:

I voted last week for Trump, if Clinton gets in, I might cut my own throat. Grubstake

It's a shame we have to vote for the lessor of the two evils. I tend to vote republican but Trump is nothing but a gasbag. As much as I can't stand Clinton, she's much more qualified then Trump. Imho   But I'm not voting for either one.

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46 minutes ago, grubstake said:

I voted last week for Trump, if Clinton gets in, I might cut my own throat. Grubstake

Heck if Clinton gets in I'll let you cut my throat lol.

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Damnedoldratz or Realiescum all the same bs as we DO NOT elect the president as that position is bought and paid for by the insidious Electorial College as our founding fathers did NOT want the common man deciding anything this important. hahahaha what a hoot...renewed my passport last month and they both SUCK/STINK/SWALLOW to high heaven...John:old:

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8 minutes ago, fredmason said:

good thing you guys are not talking politics...that would be breaking the rules................with either winner prepare to suffer and cry...


Politics?? What's politics?

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22 hours ago, grubstake said:

What the heck is the matter with AZ.? all the news stations say it might go Demo. And vote for Clinton. Grubstake

 A better question would be "What the heck is wrong with America"???  I've stayed off the forum for the last little while, because I'm a little prejudiced against Clinton and can't contain myself when the subject of this election comes up & I know Bill doesn't like politics being discussed on the forum...:evil1: There's a plethora of reasons why she should be banned from holding office...lying to congress/FBI she should be in jail, like any other citizen would be if they had done the same....but that's not why I hate her so much...Tow & stinger missiles to the same jackasses that hack peoples heads off...



There's also the selling of our uranium to Russia...pay for play...


I could go on, but if anybody can read the above links and still vote for that "thing" called Hillary.....there's NOTHING I can say that will change your mind....

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It is about Globalization no matter who wins..... Yes I voted, yes I believe in America and the Constitution, but NO I do not believe EITHER side of our current Government can be trusted to adhere to our Constitution any more than Obama did.

Things are looking bleak when we can get to a point that a criminal can reach office riding a horse of lies and corruption.

God Bless America.....


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