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  Glad I could point you in the right direction... wish I could have met up with you for a hunt. Those are very nice finds, you hardly find those sizes anymore... congrats... and they were even sunbakers.... way to go...


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Thanks again Dave,

I have two more rocks which I thought were meteorwrongs initially ....I kept one for its attraction to a magnate the other for its appearance. Now that I have them home and did some cleaning, grinding and scraping I may have two more! (Learning more every adventure!) Gonna try and get them cut this week for confirmation. Next time I am up there I owe you dinner and drinks! And on top of it all I came out of Vegas $300 in the black! I should have bought a lottery ticket this week! Go Navy!


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So this rock is 70 grams. It was much more attracted to a magnate when I spotted it than the previous weathered meteorites I found. The top looked like a meteorite and the bottom side appeared to have bands in the rock. So I assumed it was magnetite but kept it just in case. Had it cut yesterday...meteorite! It has much more iron than the L4 Gold Basins I think. Thoughts?

er (1 of 5).jpg

er (2 of 5).jpg

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This rock is 270 grams. When I found it I thought it looked like a meteorite but it had such a slight magnate attraction I thought probably not. I had it cut yesterday too. About 90% sure this is a meteorite. The iron content is so small but those also look like little chondrules to me. Is this a Gold Basin L4? Thoughts?

er (4 of 5).jpg

er (5 of 5).jpg

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I cut a slice off the 52 gram meteorite and as I looked at the interior of the meteorite I could see what looked like a gold metal inclusion inside one of the iron flakes. I took the meteorite to our lab at my place of employment and had the inclusion photographed with a stereo microscope (40X). The photo turned out great and then I found out that the lab also has a Scanning Electron Microscope! So I actually found out what the gold looking inclusion is: Molybdenum and Sulfur. The PDF files are the electron microscope results from the the gold inclusion and of the iron flake surrounding the gold inclusion.

Stereo microscope 40X gold chondrule-1.jpg

Gold Inclusion.pdf


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